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Snag List My Home Dublin provides clients with professional snag list inspections that finds building & property faults before you buy. Having inspected over 3,500 properties across Dublin, our expert inspectors are highly qualified and experienced
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New Build Snagging Inspection Experts.
Where the Importance of Quality Matters

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Welcome to Dublin’s Leading Snagging Company!

Snag List My Home Dublin provide professional new-build snag list inspections throughout all of Dublin

Our expert inspectors are highly qualified and experienced, having inspected over 3,500 properties across Dublin. Our Dublin snagging inspectors come from different backgrounds including site management, surveying & building contracting. These professional inspections are competitively priced, starting from just €140.

Some of the faults our inspections have uncovered are simple to rectify, others can be costly, and of course, it is so much more difficult to win compensation for a scratched wooden floor or damaged kitchen units after you have sent completion monies and moved in. No matter how careful you plan, small problems will inevitably pop up during your build. And that’s where your snag list comes into play.

Once a snagging inspection has been successfully completed we will put together your snag list, which in turn you can share direct with the developer. Or if you prefer, we would be happy to send this on to the developer direct. Our aim is to make the move-in process as smooth as possible for you.

Fast turnaround on all our reports!

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about our Snagging services

15 very good reasons to choose Snag List My Home Dublin

  • We are qualified New Build Snagging Inspection Surveyors (note the important distinction between being qualified and being accredited surveyors as some snagging companies are claiming).
  • We have inspected over 3,500 of properties since 2004, so we know all the tricks and shortcuts that are sometimes deployed by developers.
  • We regularly inspect properties on behalf of some of the largest Irish developers (they credit us with “raising the quality of their product”).
  • We have between us over 65 years of experience (essential in this industry and we feel that we are still learning). We have added to our skill set by attending courses on bricklaying, painting and decorating and plastering to name but a few, so we know what constitutes a good finish.
  • As a top snagging company our charges are competitive, with no hidden extras to the prices you will see on this website.
  • We use the very latest technology to conduct our inspections.
  • We work alongside some of the largest estate agents in Dublin, who refers to us as their “trusted surveyors”.
  • We are by far and away the most thorough inspection service in Dublin (check our 10 years of testimonials, reviews and feedback received) and can locate and identify numerous defects that other snagging companies may dismiss or fail to find.

  • We work to industry wide guidelines and tolerances.
  • We will without doubt help raise the quality of finish in your new property and eliminate the stress and inconvenience of you having to inevitably deal with your builder once you have moved in when the defects (snags) become apparent.
  • We can save you the time and energy of creating your very own list which developers are generally dismissive of and will no doubt tell you the defect is “within tolerance” ; as is their standard reply. An independent report produced by us is taken much more seriously as they know that we know the tolerances.
  • We are one of only a few snagging company Dublin to cover all areas and not just some towns.
  • Our professional reports are written based, which we annotate to show the exact location of the defect. Perfect for the new homeowner and for the trades.
  • We are true professionals (courteous, friendly and punctual).
  • We are acting in your interests alone and we stand firm against the occasional belligerent developer that we sometimes encounter!

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We are professional snaggers!

Snag List My Home Dublin are a quality 100% independent, professional new build snagging inspections service in Dublin for new apartments, houses, bungalows and purpose built/fully refurbished student accommodation.

Snag List Dublin Prices

Here you will find a complete list of our current costs. Should you have any enquiries and wish to discuss these, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 085 2332778

1 Bedroom House/Apartment


2 Bedroom House/Apartment


3 Bedroom House/Apartment


4 Bedroom House/Apartment


For homes that are 5 bedrooms or more, please call or email us for an instant quotation

Please note that your final snag inspection cost may differ slightly from the prices quoted above. This variation in cost is dependent on the property location, specification and size of your home and will be outlined to you upon your booking enquiry

Re-inspection Prices

Our re-snag inspection costs are based on the property spec, size and inspection requirements. Your inspection requirements and re-snag costs will be outlined confirmed upon your initial booking with us.

Our detailed snagging reports are sent to you the client normally within 24 hours of the inspection.
We would be happy to send the report to the developer, but sadly in the vast majority of cases our emails are mostly ignored, as more and more developers see us a huge inconvenience and hence the reason most developers today will only deal direct with the purchaser.

Payment terms

Payment is due in full upon meeting, just before inspection commences.

If we are meeting with developer, rather than homeowner, then payment arrangements must be made in advance of commencement of snagging.

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Client Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, see what some customers in Dublin have said about our Snag List Service!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “snagging”?

Snagging is an expression used within the building industry to describe the process of defect identification in a property.

When should the inspection be undertaken?

Ideally prior to legal completion. That way the builder has the time and opportunity to remedy snags before you move in. If that is not possible then it should be done as soon as possible after completion.

However the snagging inspection can take place at any time in the first 2 years of occupation.

Will the house builder allow access for a snagging inspection before legal completion?

Some house builders have a policy of not allowing snagging inspections prior to legal completion, however this is rare. We would recommend you insist, should your developer cite company policy.

In any event, the inspection can be undertaken immediately after legal completion or indeed at any time in the first year and it doesn’t affect the house builders liability for snags / defects. It is just more difficult for them to repair as they then have to work around you and your furniture.

What if new snags come to light after the initial snagging?

The builder is liable to repair all defects identified in the first year, so there is no limit on the number of lists that can be submitted.

As new defects become identified the original list can simply be updated and reissued.

What is the cost of a Snag List inspection?

It really does depend on how many bedrooms in the property. Our prices vary start from just €140 for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Full list of our prices can be found by clickng here

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about our Snagging services



Snagging inspection of new 3 bed house in Tallaght, Dublin 24

Defect – Builder forgotten to install the insulation into the roof void. House inspected and signed off as complete by developers. You could not make this up! Luckily our team spotted this on inspection.


Snagging inspection of new 4 bed house in Clonee, Dublin 15

Defect – Builder forgot to install a handrail to staircase. House was already signed off as complete by both developers!


Snagging inspection of 5 bed house in Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Defect – Light on ceiling incorrectly positioned. Door hits light on opening.


Snagging inspection of new 5 bed house in Templeogue, Dublin 6

Defect – Builder did not bother to create a good hole in wall behind toilet. Extremely untidy and frankly, lazy work.


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We have extensive experience of snagging apartments and houses in all the major towns and villages within Dublin City including, Lucan, Citywest, Ballycullen, Templeogue, Rathfarnham, Terenure, Milltown, Rathgar, Donnybrook, Swords, Castleknock, Howth, Portmarnock, Donabate, Malahide and Clontarf.

Our professional snagging inspections are available in all areas, including also Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, North Dublin, South Dublin, Fingal and all Commuter Counties.

Phone: 01 9014164
Address: Dublin